For Sale By Owner Tips


Deciding to sell your home is a big decision.  The initial step in selling your home is deciding whether to list your home yourself or through a realtor.  Either choice brings with it a number of responsibilities and really depends on a number of personal reasons.  We, of course, are always more than willing to help homeowners market, list, and sell their homes, but we do know you have an option.  Listed below is a set of tips that not only can be useful to For Sale by Owner sellers, but any seller.  Our expertise in real estate can really give you that extra boost to get your home sold.   

Learn as much about your housing market and real estate guidelines as possible!

It’s estimated that around 10% of homes on the market in the United States are being sold by the owners.  Some of the most crucial aspects of selling your house yourself are to accurately evaluate your home’s value, advertise your home, correspond with buyers, familiarize yourself with real estate regulations and contracts, as well as ensure your buyer is qualified.  Making sure you take the time to learn the ins and outs of real estate is essential.  In the end you could end up costing yourself the money you want to save.

Working with a real estate professional in selling your home ensures that you will have a great amount of resources while going through this process.  Real estate agents are experts in local market trends, distinguishing home values, marketing techniques, and much more.  As one of the top real estate groups in Tarrant County, we made our success by working thoroughly and diligently for our clients.  At The Tom Brewer Gold Team, we pride ourselves on being able to cater our services to each individual’s needs. 


Figure out the pricing game!

Figuring out the fair market value is key when realistically pricing your home.  The fair market value is the happy median price of a home that will attract interested, but not desperate buyers all while keeping you interested and not feeling desperate as well.  Determining this price can be complicated, but doable.  Using an appraiser, a third- party like a friend or neighbor, and recognizing your goals will allow you to establish the best listing price.  Working with a real estate professional will enable you to use all the resources already mentioned, but also give you access to their extensive knowledge of homes similar to yours in the market.  Using your realtor as an extensive source of real estate trends will definitely give you an edge in the marketplace.


Paint the Picture for Prospective Buyers!

 In the market today, buyers are surrounded by many real estate options.  To make your home stand out, it’s imperative that it’s giving off that "curb appeal" that will attract buyers to knock on your door.  Dependant upon your asking price, you should make sure that the necessary parts of your home are in accordance of that price.  If major renovations or repairs either don’t need to be or cannot be done, you should take the time to at least do the small things both inside and outside the home that will really make your home seem immaculate.  Small things such as potted plants on the porch, freshly mowed lawn, and well-kept shrubbery will keep the outside of your home looking sharp and draw more buyers in.  Cluttered yards and untidy lawns will give the impression that this home was not well taken care of.  Make sure you are enabling the prospective buyer to envision themselves living in your home.  A yard covered with toys or a kitchen with dinner leftover from the night before will only inhibit potential buyers from being able to envision your home as their own.


Why will listing your home with The Tom Brewer Gold Team benefit you?

To be completely honest deciding to sell one of if not your single largest investment should not be something you take lightly.  Although the 6% you take home after your home is sold can be very alluring, the hard work that goes into showing, advertising, and learning the regulations when selling your home may not seem worth it in the end.  In other life changing events, people seek the services of doctors, accountants, lawyers, and other professionals.  Just like you wouldn’t plan on going through a legal matter without seeking professional help, selling (and buying) real estate goes a lot smoother when you work with a professional in the industry.

We at The Tom Brewer Gold Team have a combined experience of over 15 years in the real estate industry.  From Texas market trends to mortgages to title insurance to relocation and more, we are experts in all ranges of the spectrum when it comes to real estate.  We have lived in Texas for over many years and love living, working, and playing here.  As a seller, we understand the frustrations that can occur when listing a home.  Through our friendly and expert service, we know you will be pleased to choose us as your real estate team.

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