Staging Your Home in Arlington or Mansfield for a Quick Sale

Staging your Arlington or Mansfield Texas home is one of the most important things you in the role of a seller can do. The cost of effective staging is normally minimal. The first impression and the value added perception to a potential buyer with an exceptionally staged home may create less time on the market and a more profitable purchase price as well.2_balloons_99_01

As your RE/MAX professional, it is my responsibility to assist you in preparing your home for sale.  The exterior of your home will create a first impression for those considering purchasing it.  It is important to be absent during showings.  Take children and pets with you when possible.  Fresh flowers, candles burning, and soft music will create a positive atmosphere.  Open drapes and turn on lights. I will do a thorough walk through of you home to make sure that any potential issues we can effect in a positive light can be discussed and implemented. Below is a sample list of things to consider when staging your property:

Mow the lawn.

Trim bushes.

Weed and edge.

Check gutters and eaves for damage.

Touch up exterior paint.Polish door hardware.

Make sure doorbell is functioning properly.

Have a clean entrance to your home.

Clear stairs, hallways, and walkways.

Clear tops of dressers, cabinets, and countertops.

Straighten closets

Clean refrigerator, stove, bathrooms, & carpets

Replace burned out light bulbs, broken windows, & torn or missing screens.

Clean windows – inside and out.

Touch up all chipped paint, caulk, drywall, etc.

Repair anything that squeaks, leaks, or drips.

As you can see there are many cost effective things that can be done to maximize your sales price and time on the market. While not an all-inclusive list this is certainly a good start. Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss what your opportunities can be as well.

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