The Arlington and Mansfield Texas Expired Expert

I receive phone calls many times a year from disgruntled Arlington and Mansfield sellers that did not have a positive first experience in selling their property. The conversations are similar and the complaints regarding their previous Realtor are consistent. Once the sign went in the yard I never heard from my Realtor without initiating the contact. I never received any feedback on the showings on my home. How often should I be showing? Are we at the right price after buyer feedback has been obtained?buttons19

I maintain weekly contact with my Arlington and Mansfield clients on all of my listings. The more information that we obtain will be beneficial in the selling strategy employed. I track down all Realtors as diligently as possible in order to obtain as much valuable information and feedback as possible.

So the real question is why did your home not sell? The answer could be as simple as price or it could be much more complex than that. I find the answer to this to be somewhere in the middle. The old expression of “If it is not showing it is not selling” is true on all properties that do not sell. If you are showing on a consistent basis you can get the appropriate feedback from buyers and their agents to make adjustments. I will market your house to maximize your showing potential. Please call me today or simply fill out the form below and submit the information on your home to me directly.

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