Welcome to Rent To Own

Our program is designed for folks that are in need of some credit repair that currently do not qualify for traditional mortgage funding. There will be certain areas of certain cities that this program will qualify for. While not all of the available homes on the MLS are eligible, a great many will be. Once qualified into the program the company will become a cash buyer and you will already have a lease with prearranged terms. In the next one to three years you will have the opportunity to buy the property. The purchase price will be set beforehand as part of the lease agreement.

Below are the pre-qualification questions for all applicants. Provided you fit these you would be a good candidate for our program. Please be mindful that these questions do NOT guarantee approval as we need to assess an applicant’s full financial profile before a decision can be made, but these are the pre-qualifications that an applicant needs to have before deciding to apply.

 Basic Guidelines

  1. Does your household have any of the following acceptable forms to verify your income?*
  •          Last two (2) paystubs (most recent one within past month)
  •          Last two (2) income tax returns (only if you are self-employed)
  •          Form W-2
  •          Social Security Benefits Award Letter
  •          Pension Benefits Award Letter
  •          Permanent Disability Benefits Award Letter


2. Does your household make a minimum of $50,000 per year?*


3. Do you have at least twice your target rent amount available in a bank account?*


4. Do you or any household member have an open/unsatisfied Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or pending bankruptcy? If Bankruptcy is satisfied or discharged please answer 'no'.*


5. Have you or any household member ever been evicted or have or had any outstanding apartment collections?*


6. Are you or any household member a registered sex offender or sexual predator or otherwise subject to reporting requirements of any state, territorial, or tribal sex offender registry?*


7. Are you or any household member currently in default under a lease agreement?*


8. Have you or any household member ever been reported for a damage to a property in the last 5 years?*


9. Do you intend to carry on any business, profession, or trade of any kind from home (ie will anyone be visiting the home for business purposes)?*


10. Do you have any pets?*


11. I understand that Home Partners' process can generally take 35-45 days from the time Home Partners goes under contract to buy a home until I may be able to move in. I have sufficient time in my moving plans for this general time frame and understand it may change depending on the circumstances of a particular situation.

Please provide a valid email address.