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Fort Worth Texas Real Estate and Homes for Sale are an outstanding value when cost of living is a major factor in the decision making process. I have gathered some quick facts to aid you in your search on this topic. Please do not hesitate to go back to my home page for more information on Fort Worth real estate and homes for sale.

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The average income for Fort Worth, TX is $51,250.00 annually per household.

Mortgage Payment:

The average mortgage payment for a house and a family with 2 children is around
$1200.00.including insurance and taxes.

Food and Home Neccesities:

Food is needed for every family and makes up about 14.2% of the average cost of living.
The cost averages at $7,250.00 annually. The cost is mostly the same for Texas cities but the percentage varies with the average cost of living.

Health Care:

Health care is the same for most Texas cities. Health Care takes up about 4.1% of the
average cost of living. Health care, on average, costs $2,100.00 annually.


Transportation is the largest part of the expenses included here. The cost of transportation
makes up 17.1% of the average cost of living. This cost averages at $8,700.00 for
transportation annually. This includes gas and car payment.


Entertainment makes up 4.4% of the average cost of living in Fort Worth, TX. This cost
averages about $2,250.00 annually.


Apparel and clothing is needed for every family. Apparel costs make up 4.8% of the average cost of living. This cost averages at about $2,600.00 annually.

Not including tax returns, the total taxes in the cost of living analysis in Fort Worth, Texas varies from family to family and averages at $2,100.00.

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